Rockwool Insulation

Rockwool Insulation
KAVITA Trading is the leading Supplier, Distributor and Stockist of all types of Insulation Materials: Rockwool Insulation, Rockinsul Rb Slabs... from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Our major market is Maharashtra, Gujarat and Goa, besides other domestic market spread all over India and majorly Gulf countries in the export market.

Rockinsul Rb Slabs
ROCKINSUL RB slabs are semi-rigid and rigid boards manufactured from stable rock fibers bonded with a minimum quantity of thermosetting resin binder. ROCKINSUL RB slabs are capable of withstanding extreme temperature up to 750 °C and are light weight, strong, resilient, easy to handle, and easy to cut to suit intricate shapes.
Facing Types
ROCKINSUL RB Slabs are available unfaced or with facing of ALG, glass reinforced Aluminium Foil/ Kraft paper laminate facing (FSK), Black Fiber Glass Tissue (BGT)
Working Temperature
Fiber : Up to 750 °C
Facing : 100 °C
At temperatures in excess of 230 °C a limited migration of binder may occur in the insulation in contact with the hot face. This does not impair the insulation performance.
Acoustic Performance
ROCKINSUL RB Slabs achieve excellent acoustic performances (sound absorption coefficients, sound insulation, and impact sound isolation) when tested in accordance to various relevant ASTM standards. RB Slabs achieve Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) values up to 1, when tested in accordance to ASTM C423.
Fire Safety Performance
Unfaced ROCKINSUL RB Slabs are non-combustible when tested in accordance with IS 3144, BS 476 (part 4), ISO 1182 and ASTM E136 and are classified as Class A1, in accordance with European norms. Unfaced, FSK and ALG-faced RB Slabs have the following fire safety rating achievements:
·       Class 1 surface spread of flame in accordance to BS 476 (part 7)
·       Class 0 in accordance to the BS 476 (part 6 & 7) and to British Building Regulations.
·       Surface burning characteristics in accordance to ASTM E84 / UL 723
a: Fire Spread Index: Less than 25
b: Smoke Developed Index: Less than 50

Rockwool InsulationRockwool Insulation

Product Details:
Max Withstanding Temperature    Upto 730 Degree Celcius
Apparent Density    50~180kg/M Cube

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