Fiberglass Wool Insulation

Fiber Glasswool: Fiberglass Wool Insulation
KAVITA Trading is the leading Supplier, Distributor and Stockist of all types of Insulation Materials: Fiber Glasswool, Fiberglass Wool Insulation, Twiga Insul... from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Our major market is Maharashtra, Gujarat and Goa, besides other domestic market spread all over India and majorly Gulf countries in the export market.

Twiga Insul
One of the best known products for thermal & acoustic insulation, Twiga Insul is light gold in colour & is a light weight, compressible insulation material consisting of fine, long, inorganic glass fibers bonded together by a high temperature binder. Twiga Insul is available in rolls, slabs & boards, in various densities and thicknesses and with a wide range of factory applied facings which include reinforced aluminum foil, fiberglass tissue, black glass tissue and a wide range of imported premium facings.
Twiga Insul for Thermal & Actoustic Insulation

Fire Safety
Twiga Glass Wool made from pure silica sand will not support combustion even in direct, prolonged contact with flames. It emits no toxic fumes or smoke, the two biggest hazards to health & life in the event of a fire. Glass wool is a complete fire safe product complying the foll standards:
·       BS 476 part 4, ISO 1182, IS 3808, International Maritime Organisation (IMO) - NON COMBUSTIBLE
·       BS 476 part 6 - Do not PROPOGATE FIRE
·       BS 476 part 7- Class 1 - SURFACE SPREAD OF FLAME NIL
·       Class O certified - Highest class for any building material - index of performance (I) not exceeding 12, sub index of performance (i1) not exceeding 6, Class 1
·       BS 476 part 5 - Class P - (not easily ignitable) - BS 6853 (toxicity index 0.65) - NON EMISSION OF SMOKE & TOXIC GASES
Acoustic Performance
TWIGA Glass Wool with its outstanding Acoustic performance has excellent acoustic absorption characteristics. Whether it is sound insulation for Industry, commercial premises, public buildings or domestic applications, Twiga Insul outperforms others.
Thermal Performance
Cooling costs in a building insulated throughout with glass wool can be reduced significantly. The use of glasswool for the thermal insulation has been shown to reduce energy consumption by 20% to 30%.
Temperature Range
Twiga Glasswool is suitable for applications ranging from -195°C to 230°C. For special applications upto 450°C, high temperature binder is available. Aluminum foil facing is suitable upto 120°C.

                                          Wool InsulationFiberglass Wool Insulation

Product Details:
Max Withstanding Temperature    230 degree Celsius
Material    Fiberglass
Usage    Roofing, Walling
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